Developing. Cultivating. Discovering.

Our Approach & Mindset

As a provider of medicine to the fine folks of Oklahoma, this is a job we take seriously.  More than just a job, it’s our passion for learning about the plant that makes our product different. A fun and exciting place, run by honest people with a humble attitude, and a hunger for knowledge.

The Story of Territory Cannabis Co.

We understand that we are growing flower that our patients are going to take into their body for healing and relief. Being a student of this plant has reminded us that we are all stewards and caretakers of this planet; the earth is a garden.

The Territory Cannabis Company is constantly seeking out rare and exciting genetics. Through relationships with fellow growers and breeders, our amazing strains are a result of a strong network and passionate community. Breeders pour their time and effort into creating and preserving cannabis lineage from all over the world and we have the opportunity to put them in the hands of Oklahoma patients.